5 Best Affiliate Networks in India to Make Money

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One of the biggest mistakes’ newbie affiliates makes confusing themselves with affiliate programs and affiliate networks. Let me simplify.

Affiliate programs are individual programs offered by respective companies or generally called as merchants. Whereas, affiliates networks are a collection of such programs offered through a network or marketplace.

An affiliate network is where multiple companies/merchants approach to list their affiliate programs to be easily found by affiliates. Also, affiliate networks handle most of the intermediary activities such as pay-outs, query resolution of affiliates, and reduces the burden on their merchants.

Simply put, affiliate networks are the places where affiliates and merchants meet.

There are only a few affiliate networks in India that are worth a shot. Since India’s affiliate marketing market is yet to develop to its full potential, one may not find quality affiliate networks in India to find the best affiliate programs in different verticals.

However, a few affiliate networks in India come closest to meet your needs as an India affiliate.

I have listed five best affiliate networks in India that you can associate with to find the best affiliate programs.

I have only selected the affiliate networks that are primarily operational for Indian affiliates. I have excluded global affiliate networks that do not cater specifically to Indian affiliates and merchants.

Before moving further, you may find these articles valuable for your affiliate marketing journey. Have a look.

5 best affiliate networks in India

1. vCommission

vCommission is probably the leading affiliate networks in India. You can find top affiliate programs from leading companies operational in India.

You can find affiliate programs in verticals such as SaaS products, Hosting providers, Travel conglomerates, Banks & financial institutions, eCommerce marketplaces, among many others. As an Indian Affiliate vCommission should be on your checklist.

vCommission affiliate network in india
Source: vCommission

You will have to apply to get approved as an affiliate on the vCommission network. You may have to explain your promotional strategy, your primary source of the traffic, to help vCommission understand your approach as their affiliate.

They will get in touch with you to discuss your application, and if everything goes well, they will accept you to their affiliate network. Be sure to have your details ready for the quick process of application and approval.

Apply for the vCommission affiliate network here.

2. Cuelinks

Cuelinks is my favorite affiliate network in India.

Cuelinks is not just an affiliate network, but they also provide tools that make the life of an affiliate easy. One of the best tools is Cuewords. These tools transform your high converting keywords into affiliate links, helping you multiply your affiliate income.

For example, if you have content about photography and you have mentioned about “high-end DSLR cameras,” Cuewords will analyze your content and automatically convert the “high-end DSLR cameras” key phrase into an affiliate link. So, this feature helps in optimizing the content for affiliate links.

cuelinks affiliate network in india
Source: Cuelinks

You can find many affiliate programs that specifically cater to the Indian market. You can find CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPI offers on the Cuelinks affiliate network. Their feature-rich offerings make Cuelinks one of the best affiliate marketing networks in India.

Their registration process is relatively simple, and they will quickly accept you if you provide authentic details.

They have a WordPress plugin, Chrome Extension, and Mobile SDK, which you can use to ease your affiliate efforts.

Sign up for the Cuelinks affiliate network here.

3. Admitad India

Admitad is another robust affiliate network in India. They have a global presence, making them a highly sophisticated affiliate network; however, they have a dedicated affiliate network for India affiliates & advertisers.

The best thing about Admitad is the quality of affiliate programs that you can find on their affiliate network. They have the best advertisers in the world on their network, which us, the Indian affiliates, can leverage for the Indian affiliate market.

Source: Admitad

Admitad offers free courses on CPA, affiliate offers, and many more. Their training academy is full of resources that affiliates can utilize and learn from experts’ free information. You will get access to multiple tools, integration with Google ads, Telegram bots, Coupons, and deals, which helps the affiliate promote the content of advertisers.

Again, it is reasonably straightforward for them to approve you for the Admitad affiliate network; you need to have the right credentials ready.

You can sign up for the Admitad affiliate network here.

4. Optimise

Optimise Media is a decent affiliate network in India. The affiliate network is one of their products that they pitch to their consumers.

However, they are not a dedicated affiliate network company; instead, they have an affiliate network as one of their products. This in no way means they are not worthy of your attention. They have the best affiliate programs in India, which you can find on their network.

Companies like Microsoft, HSBC, Expedia are associated with Optimise. Hence, you ought to find the best affiliate programs at Optimise affiliate network.

optimise affiliate network in india
Source: Optimise Media

Since they are selective in their approach to accept affiliate, ensure you are ready with all the necessary details explaining to them about your promotional strategy as a publisher on their affiliate network.

Apply for Optimise affiliate network here.

5. iCubesWire

iCubesWire is a relatively new affiliate network in India. However, they have some of the best merchants on their affiliate network, making it a lucrative option for affiliates in India.

They are based out of Bengaluru, and they have offices in several major cities across India. They are growing at a high pace, and to avail some of the best affiliate program offers, the iCubesWire affiliate network can be the best destination for you.

icubeswire affiliate network in india
Source: iCubesWire

iCubesWire is worth a shot for affiliates looking for different and unique affiliate programs.

You can sign up for the iCubesWire affiliate network here.

Bonus: ClixGalore

ClixGalore is a worldwide brand when it comes to affiliate networks. They have a dedicated affiliate network in India. They have tons of affiliate offers you can choose from and promote.

This affiliate network is vast, and you can find affiliate programs in almost every vertical you wish to promote.

Their presence across global markets makes it a lucrative option for Indian affiliates to leverage their reach and find various affiliate programs on their affiliate network.

ClixGalore affiliate network in India
Source: ClixGalore

You will have to provide them with a detailed explanation of your promotional assets, promotional strategies while applying for their affiliate network.

Your chances of being approved are bright if you fulfill their basic requirements for an affiliate.

You can sign up for their affiliate network here.


These are the five best affiliate networks in India.

Earlier in this post, I explained to you the difference between affiliate programs and affiliate networks; I hope the difference is clear by now.

As an affiliate, you can either join individual affiliate programs directly through the merchants to handle them yourself or join any of the affiliate networks and manage your affiliate activity through these affiliate networks.

Joining an affiliate network can be rewarding and helpful because of the tools, analysis, customer care, and reliability you get. You can manage all your affiliate activity through one dashboard, which may not be possible if you join affiliate programs independently all by yourself.

Meanwhile, Checkout these high-paying affiliate programs in India that you must join today.

My Suggestions

Hence, it would be my suggestion to join affiliate programs through affiliate networks and understand how to manage affiliate associations with merchants.

Once you have a clear idea of how things work in affiliate marketing, you can develop your strategy; the world is your oyster.

Concluding, join only 1 or 2 affiliate networks with detailed research before joining them.

Do not overcrowd and burn yourself by entering 10s of affiliate networks, making you less efficient. Join 1 or 2 affiliate networks that match your needs, and you are set to fly in Affiliate marketing.

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