10 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs in India

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative business models if you are looking to earn smart passive income without really investing much of your time.

Affiliate marketing has helped many people become millionaires by simply monetizing their audience by referring them to appropriate products or services. If you are interested in earning some smart passive income along with your daily job, then affiliate marketing is what you were searching for.

There are many affiliate programs in India that pay handsome commissions to their affiliates. We will look at the 10 best high paying affiliate programs in India & their affiliate program terms that will help you kickstart your affiliate marketing journey.

If you are completely new to affiliate marketing, you will love this article for its detailed analysis of the scope of affiliate marketing in India.

10 Best affiliate programs in India

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in the world. It is not a surprise to see Amazon being one of the leading eCommerce platforms in India as well. The best part of being an Amazon affiliate is the wide range of products that you can choose from, you can choose any product from tons of products available on Amazon India.

The commission structure for Amazon Associates affiliate program is shown below,

amazon associates commissions
Source: Amazon Associates

Please note that these commission rates are subject to change. Keep updated about these commission rates from time to time.

The process is fairly simple, you have to sign up for the Amazon Associates program with all required details. If you have all the details ready you will be approved sooner.

amazon stripe
Source: Amazon Associates

Once you are approved as an Amazon Associate, browse the product you want to refer to and click on either of the options available on Amazon Associates stripe. You can either refer the product using a link, or an image or both as shown in the Amazon Associates stripe shown above.

The best part is, Amazon pays you for the cart value rather than the value of the referred product alone. This means, if you refer a product of INR 100 to a customer who ends up shopping for INR 500 on Amazon, you’ll get a commission for INR 500, which is the cart value. This is what makes Amazon a high paying affiliate marketing program in India.

Sign up for Amazon Associates program here.

2. Flipkart Affiliate Program

In India, Flipkart is the closest competitor to Amazon. The size of these two eCommerce giants in huge, which makes it one of the must-have affiliate programs in India for affiliate marketers.

Flipkart provides a decent commission for a wide range of products available on its platform. The commission structure is as shown below.

Flipkart affiliate commissions
Source: Flipkart Affiliate

To help Flipkart affiliates, Flipkart provides affiliate tools such as Banners, Widgets, APIs, Links, and search tools.

Flipkart is very much in demand for electronic items such as smartphones, digital camera’s among others. If you are into the tech niche, Flipkart Affiliate will be your best buddy.

Sign up for Flipkart Affiliate Program here.

3. Reseller Club Affiliates

Reseller Club provides reseller hosting, domain solutions. They offer different range of reseller hosting solutions that are well accepted by the consumers across different verticals with varying hosting needs.

Since blogging is on the rise and more businesses are building their presence on the internet, the demand for hosting solutions is increasing day by day. This is exactly why Reseller Club Affiliate program in one of the best affiliate programs in India.

The Reseller club Affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in India. You can earn from INR 2000 to INR 8000 per referral! They have 6 major product solutions that you can refer to as an affiliate.

Every product solution has a different commission rate that you can find here. If you end up referring 10 people in a month, which is easier for seasoned affiliate considering the demand for the products, the minimum that you can earn is 20000.

This is really awesome!

Source: Reseller Club

The reseller club offers its affiliate program through Impact Radius which is an affiliate network. You will have to sign up through Impact to become a Reseller Club affiliate.

Sign up for the Reseller Club affiliate program here.

4. BigRock Affiliate Program

BigRock is popular for its web hosting & domain registrar services. It is one of the largest companies in India in the web hosting niche. The reason why the BigRock Affiliate program makes this list is their high commissions for different product solutions.

They offer commissions that can go up to INR10000 per sale. As an affiliate, you can refer to a wide range of hosting solutions such as WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting along with domain registrations, digital certificates.

bigrock affiliate commissions
Source: BigRock Affiliate Program

They offer flat commission for some products and offer a percentage commission for others. Their flat commissions start from INR30 and go up to INR1500. Also, they offer 25% to 50% (that can go up to INR10000) commission on their hosting solutions.

Their affiliate friendly commission structure makes them one of the sought-after affiliate programs in India.

Sign up for the BigRock affiliate program here.

5. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform building companies in the world. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Shopify saw huge double-digit growth.

No wonder Shopify is trying to tap into the Indian eCommerce market by helping entrepreneurs build their online presence and start selling their products with ease.

Shopify offers an amazing affiliate program where the commissions can go up to $2000 per sale, roughly INR1,40,000 per referral. You get a 100% commission for the first two months of payments made by your referred customer. The average payout per referral is $58 for their most basic plan.

Shopify has a cookie duration of 60 days which is helpful for affiliates to convince their audience about the benefits of Shopify. Shopify has functionality in a few regional languages of India such as Hindi, making it very much suitable for the Indian Audience.

You will have to provide the details about your promotional strategy to get approved by them as a Shopify Affiliate.

Sign up for the Shopify Affiliate program here.

6. Freshworks Affiliate Program

Freshworks is a leading Indian SaaS company that has a worldwide presence. Freshworks offers SaaS solutions in the Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, Sales Management domains.

It has a wide range of offerings that can suit the needs of small as well as big businesses. Since India is one of the largest growing marketing in Small and Medium Size Businesses, being a Freshworks affiliate can be highly rewarding.

freshworks affiliate program
Source: Freshworks

They offer $5 per qualified lead and 15% commission for every sale you make for them. Freshworks Affiliate program is lucrative because of its superior quality SaaS solutions which complement well with the growth of SMEs in India. This program can be very much an option for a seasoned affiliate marketer.

Sign up for the Freshworks Affiliate program here.

7. OYO Affiliate Program

You wouldn’t know of OYO if you were living under a rock for the past few years. OYO is most preferred by travelers across India to manage their accommodation.

Be it business travelers, leisure travelers, or simply a weekend trip OYO helps people manage their accommodation needs effectively. Hence, you wouldn’t be surprised to see the high demand enjoyed by OYO in India.

oyo affiliate commissions
Source: OYO Circle

OYO offers its own affiliate program. The commission structure is shown above. They offer tools and resources to affiliates which makes it easier for affiliates to promote OYO and its offerings. They call the OYO affiliate program as OYO Circle.

Sign up for the OYO affiliate program here.

8. Yatra Affiliate Program

Yatra is one of the leading travel booking websites in India. They have an affiliate program where they provide commissions based on the number of bookings made and the amount of those bookings.

You will need to contact them to get the most recent commission structure for their affiliate program.

Sign up for the Yatra Affiliate Program here.

9. MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program

MakeMyTrip is another affiliate program option for travel bloggers. MakeMyTrip is the leading travel booking conglomerate in India. It offers services for a wide range of travel needs of travelers from booking flights, trains to managing accommodation among others.

MakeMyTrip offers its affiliate program through one of the affiliate marketing networks in India, Cuelinks. Check the link below for their latest offers.

Check out the MakeMyTrip affiliate program here.

10. Sportskeeda Affiliate Program

This is one of the best affiliate programs in India. It offers commissions based on the click you generate on the content created by Sportskeeda. Sportskeeda is a platform where they regularly publish content around all the possible sports.

It becomes easier for people who have a huge fan following to use this affiliate program to engage their audience with the existing content of Sportskeeda.

sportskeeda affiliate program
Source: Sportskeeda Affiliate Program

You get paid for the impressions; clicks you bring to the content of Sportskeeda. They have the best commission rates in their vertical and should be top of your list if you want to monetize your existing audience or use your advertising prowess to earn a handsome commission.

Getting into the Sportskeeda Affiliate program may be difficult because they have regulations that you must satisfy.

Signup for the Sportskeeda Affiliate program here.


These are the top 10 best affiliate programs in India.

Let me remind you that affiliate programs are different from affiliate networks. Affiliate programs are individual programs offered by their respective companies. Whereas, Affiliate networks are the platforms/marketplaces where companies list their affiliate programs.

Affiliate networks are useful for being the intermediary between affiliates and merchants to handle the affiliate marketing process smoothly. One can find tons of affiliate programs on any reputed affiliate marketing network.

Have a look at these top 5 affiliate marketing networks in India. You can find hundreds if not thousands of affiliate programs on these platforms specifically for Indian affiliate marketers.

Check out these programs here.

My Suggestions

Choosing an affiliate program depends entirely on your niche. Simply do not choose an affiliate program because it is paying well. Join affiliate programs that can be immersed in your content, vlogs easily without looking at it as a forceful integration.

If you are a travel blogger, make the most of travel affiliate programs. If you are into the internet niche, make the most of affiliate programs that help the people and businesses in this niche.

Do not try to sell these products right away, first try to educate your audience about the benefits of the products you are affiliate with and then recommend these products. This strategy is beneficial in long term and pays off well.

Do affiliate marketing in the right way and leverage this high potential unsaturated market.

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